Detergent for wheels with a freeze point of -18°C


With the arrival of the winter period, the removal of dirt from alloy wheels becomes more difficult than during the summer. PULICERCHI -18 is the ideal product as its characteristics mean that it can be used in temperatures as low as -18°C. A product formulated for alloy wheels for the complete removal of residues from brake linings and pads, as well as dirt from smog and traffic. The product contains special additives which permit a freezing point of -18°C.

Ideal for use in self-service bays during winter months. Do not spray onto car body work. Not to be mixed with water. To be used exclusively with direct drawing systems with air pumps; use the product neat. Do not allow the product to dry on surfaces.

Spray evenly over the entire wheel, leave to work, and then rinse under high pressure.

20Kg container

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