Concentrated degreasing detergent for carpets


Cars are often carriers of dirt and bacteria. Keeping interiors clean is not easy, and is time-consuming. IL PULITORE by Allegrini is the ideal product for the treatment of the seats of your car, restoring them to their original state. IL PULITORE is a concentrated liquid degreasing detergent with a low-foaming level for the cleaning of carpets and fabric upholstered surfaces in general. Characterised by elevated degreasing capabilities, it is an excellent detergent for the removal of oil and grease; it also acts on dirt which is deep-set into the fibres, respecting and restoring colours. It acts on all types of dirt, leaving surfaces clean without rinsing, providing a pleasant scent of pine. By varying the dosage according to the type of dirt, IL PULITORE guarantees savings, ease of cleaning, practicality and above all clean and bright surfaces. Particularly studied for use with extraction machines, it is the ideal product for vehicle interiors, carpets and all fabric upholstered surfaces, including those in alcantara.

In the case of stubborn stains, it is advisable to use the product concentrated.In the presence of particularly hard water, a higher level of concentration may be necessary.

For extraction machines, dilute the product in a ratio of 1:10/1:15 For normal levels of dirt: 5-10 cc of IL PULITORE for every litre of water. For more difficult stains, such as oil, grease, black tyre marks: use neat or slightly diluted. For special cleaning of particularly dirty and greasy fabrics or carpets: from 1:3 to 1:10.

Box of 4 containers - 5Kg each

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