High-performance de-icing mix for external paving


With the arrival of lower temperatures, the risk of ice on external paving increases, causing considerable inconvenience to operators in the car wash sector who also work outside during the winter. ALL NO ICE is a high-performance de-icing mix for external paving. It is a high-tech product which fully responds to even the most rigorous ecological requirements. The active ingredient which lowers the freezing point and the anti-corrosives present, render the product safe and suitable for materials used in the creation of civil and industrial paving in cement or stone (porphyry etc.) Used with spray systems, it allows the simple, rapid and economical removal of ice and snow.

The product can also be used as a preventative measure against the formation of ice.

The effectiveness of the product is influenced by various factors such as the type of surface, the method of application, environmental conditions and wind, and these may lead to the necessity for more product than that indicated in the recommended dosage. The following indications are in order to provide general guidelines for various situations. Used for de-icing: With ice or compact snow (<1mm): from 0° to -5° C use 10-20 g/sq m; from -5° to -10°C use 20-30 g/sq m; lower than -10°C use 30-40 g/sq m. With snow: from 0° to -5° C use 25-35 g/sq m; from -5° to -10°C use 35-45 g/sq m; lower than -10°C use 45-55 g/sq m. With ice or freezing rain: from 0° to -5° C use 30-40 g/sq m; from -5° to -10°C use 40-50 g/sq m; lower than -10°C use 50-60 g/sq m. In the case of a layer of ice or compact snow > 3 mm, one single application will not be sufficient. Used as a prevention against ice: With forecasts of ice, snow or freezing rain, use 30-40 g/sq m

25Kg container

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