Detergent for the cleaning of vehicles.


The use of products containing a high percentage of surfactants hinders the discharging of water into mains sewer systems. For this reason, many car washes require solutions which can ensure that they stay within parameters. ALL ECOWASH is an alkaline product formulated with surfactants of a very low environmental impact, which are easily and completely biodegradable, derived from palm and coconut oil. Its formula ensures excellent cleaning results in all self-service systems: high-pressure self-washing systems, bay systems and tunnels. Ideal for the prewashing and washing of vehicles.

Due to its alkaline properties, ALL ECOWASH solutions should not be left to dry on surfaces during the summer months.

SELF-WASHING SYSTEMS: distribute 20-30 ml per credit cycle. PREWASH IN TRADITIONAL SYSTEMS: apply a 2%-4% solution with the product via a spray. Rinse at high pressure or proceed with washing via the tunnel. BAY/TUNNEL SYSTEMS Distribute 20/30 ml per emollient arch

20 Kg

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