Wet and/or dry carpet cleaning shampoo


The cleaning of fabric surfaces of car interiors can be very difficult if not deal with the specific products. M30 LAVAMOQUETTE is a very active foaming product, for the deeply cleaning of wet and/or dry carpets through the shampooing method. It deeply penetrates into the fibres, removes and brings dirt on the surface, thus allowing an easy removal with dry vacuum cleaners. It restores the natural colour without leaving residues. M30 LAVAMOQUETTE creates a protective film around the fibres slowing down the dirt formation. Ideal for carpets and natural floors.

At a temperature close to zero, but not higher than 5°C, the product can roil.

Dilute 1:5 – 1:10 with water. Apply the solution with a single disc brusher or carpet washing machine. Let it dry and pass the vacuum cleaner to remove the dissolved dirt.

Carton with 4 cans of 5Kg - 016SM300020
Can of 20Kg - 016SM30TN20

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