Protective polish


The internal and external parts of our car need care and attention in order to preserve the original appearance. JOLY LIQUIDO is a protective polish for dashboards and fascias able to meet specific demands. In only one wipe, it cleans, polishes and protects leatherette, plastic, rubber, acrylic, wood (etc.) surfaces. It even preserves surfaces from damages provoked by the sun, ageing and atmospheric agents. Ideal for car interiors, dashboards, fascias, external bumpers, black for tires.

Avoid the product to deposit on bodyworks to be shortly varnished: to do so, it is better to spray the product on a microfiber cloth, so to avoid the nebulization spreads in the air and around.

Spray from a distance of 20-25 cm, then wipe homogeneously with a clean and dry rag or treat the surface with a rag wetted with the product.

Carton with 12 bottles of 750ml - 016JOLLCP12
Carton with 4 cans of 5Kg - 016JOLL0020

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