Sanitising room freshener


AIRFRESH COLONIA AGRUMATA is a water-based liquid sanitising room freshener composed of a concentrated emulsion of perfume essences. Sprayed in the air, it easily eliminates unpleasant odours of all kinds, leaving behind a long-lasting and pleasant citrus (bergamot and orange flowers) fragrance. Its special formula contains an active ingredient (quaternary ammonium salts) which ensures the sanitisation of the air and treated surfaces. A small quantity of AIRFRESH is sufficient to freshen and perfume the air in enclosed and heavily-populated areas for many hours. Ideal for treating car, camper and public transport interiors.

The deodorising and sanitising effect can also be obtained by wiping floors and hard surfaces with a cloth dampened with AIRFRESH. Avoid using on waxed surfaces.

Ready to use product. Using a spray bottle, spray the desired amount upwards into the air or on tiled walls, particularly in lower corners.

Carton with 12 bottles of 750ml - 016AICA7512
Carton with 4 cans of 5Kg - 016AICA0020

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