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The range of All Fresh Box car perfumers is expanded

Allegrini's All Fresh Box make room for a new entry: the cherry fragrance!

With the arrival of the spring season, Allegrini has in fact expanded the most famous range of car perfumers: the timeless smiles, which characterize the driving experience with style and long-lasting fragrances.

Thanks to its formulation with highly-concentrated gel and to a simple unscrewing adjustment, each blister releases the fragrance in a constant way, ensuring a duration of 45 days.


Express your mood wittily even when driving!

Today, seven fragrances are available that will take you on a sensory journey to explore:


ALL FRESH BOX POLINESIAN FOREST will lead you to the tropical forests of Polynesia;

ALL FRESH BOX LAVANDA will send back to the open fields of Provence;

ALL FRESH BOX VANIGLIA will return a gentle relaxation, recalling the oriental perfumes;

ALL FRESH BOX PINO will take you to the mountains of your favourite winter destinations;

ALL FRESH BOX AGRUMI will transport you under the warm sun of Sicily;

ALL FRESH BOX CARAIBI will drive you to the distant Caribbean beaches;

ALL FRESH BOX CILIEGIA will bring you the memory of a delicious scent that envelops the colours of the sun at sunset. New!

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