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To face the winter, choose the maximum anti-freezer protection

It is approaching the beginning of the winter season that inexorably brings with it cold, frost and snow and from the closet there are already those who have taken the warmest jacket to face the cold days away from home.

In the same way, we should also pay special attention to our car, especially during the winter.

The low temperatures make the fuel less fluid, causing various problems such as a significant reduction in motor performance, an increase in exhaust fumes, and even the inability to start carsFor this reason, the time has come to tackle them with the right product.

DIESEL OK is a WASFI (Wax Anti-Settling Flow Improvementantifreeze additive for diesel fuelit significantly lowers the freezing point of diesel fuel to approximately -20°C, also keeping it fluid at low temperatures, thus preventing the blocking of injectors and pumps.

The product also protects fuel tanks from rust, lubricates the supply system and the naphtha filter, also eliminates indissoluble residues from fuel tanks.

Specifically created for the improvement of combustion in diesel engines, including the latest generation of common rail engines, Diesel OK is also able to clean injectors and significantly reduce exhaust fumes.


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