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The new completely eco-friendly vehicles wax

New drying wax, totally ecological, from Allegrini Research & Development laboratories.

It is the new Neos Eco Wax, able to give an extreme shine to the car bodywork at the same level of other non-ecological professional car waxes, but free of oils and silicones in its formulation.

Thanks to the protective film that forms on the external surfaces and the drying flow, all drops easily run out of the bodywork: the result is a water-repellent, hydrophobic and extremely glossy bodywork.

Product tests ensure that the performance is valid on all types of water, both on soft, hard and recycled waters as well.

Thanks to its high concentration, Neos Eco Wax acts effectively at very low dosages (between 8 and 15 g/L), optimizing consumption and costs.

The advantages also concern drying times, which are notably reducedfacilitating this way operators’ work, when the product is applied manually.


Choose Neos Eco Wax if you want for your car:


>>> an ultra glossy effect - non-greasy (neither on glasses nor on brushes of the carwash station!)

>>> a shining mirror effect

>>> a dirt and weathering shield effect


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